Sunday, March 15, 2009

Papa bear has the day off!

It is beautiful out today (well, for this area). Papa bear was a little growly when he rolled out of bed this morning. It was largely due to the fact that the cubs were up before the sun was and made no attempt to play quiety in their room.

As soon as I rolled out of bed, I noticed the sun was out!! I had noticed yesterday that the snow was melting and deduced that it must have been warm (saturday is usually our day to hibernate ;) ). I made a promise to myself that I was going to get the Bear family out into the sun today even if it didn't last long!

We got the cub's bikes out and dusted them off (all except big brother bear's, he is still a little afraid of his big bike). Little brother bear gave his all to get his bike moving, but unbenounced to us, he had GROWN over the winter! So we got about a block before papa bear decided we needed to go home and adjust LBB's seat. We gave the family outing one more shot after the seat was adjusted. We got a block away in a different direction when LBB decided he was done riding bike, so BBB took over and ended up lodged in a puddle between two chunks of ice! Papa bears always gets the pleasure of helping in these situations...Mama don't do that. Sooo, Papa gets BBB out of the water puddle (without tipping!) with my instruction (I know Papa always appreciates insight from me ;) ).

On the way home, Papa decides to start throwing snowballs. He hurls the first one at BBB, who laughs and decides to retaliate. He lobbs the next one at MBB, who laughs and falls from his bike to the ground (in a bad attempt at acting). Next, Papa looks at me and LBB. He gets and earful from me and decides BBB is a more appropriate target. Well, BBB decides he isn't impressed and runs to the side of the street to grab another snowball. Something goes horribly wrong and BBB ends up face first in a puddle! Sometimes I wonder if Papa Bear is really out of his cub years yet, because a grown man decides that the minute a cub is crying because he fell is a good time to throw yet another snowball at him!

We eventually make it back to the cave. There are mummblings of a snowball fight in the front yard. I just know this is going to end with one of the cubs ALWAYS does. I just keep walking right into the house. Shortly after, BBB comes in BAWLING that Papa Bear was on LBB's team and he was on "dumb MBB" team and MBB wasn't protecting him and Papa Bear was throwing snowballs at just him....Do they never catch on?! Seriously, this is not an isolated incident!!

But, the cubs are all happy today because Papa has the day off and we're able to just stay home and enjoy the day!

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