Monday, March 30, 2009

Grab your floppy hat and follow me!

We are gearing up to start a garden this spring! It is more of a hobby garden for the cubs and I. We tried to stick with things that we knew grow really well up here (and watermelons and pumpkins that the boys requested). We have been saving some egg cartons to start our seeds in.

We are planning on getting them started this weekend when Papa is home. I just cannot bring myself to tackle playing in dirt with the cubs alone.

I even found the cutest little gardening tools at Walmart! The cubs will be so excited. MB even told G&G that he couldn't go stay with them this summer because they were going to be gardening! They are pretty excited!

We are hoping to learn to can if we have anything to can. We want to can some of our apples too. I'm pretty excited about that!

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