Thursday, March 26, 2009

He's looking at meeee!

I cannot get over the things my cubs fight about! LB took a shower with MB this morning. When he got out he ran into the kitchen to see what I was making for brekkie. BB was sitting at the counter and made the mistake of turning around when LB came screeching into the kitchen. LB started screaming "HE'S LOOKING AT MEEEE!!".

Yesterday it almost came to blows at breakfast over a cereal box. MB was looking at the box and BB decided to be a big brother and take the box away. MB was in tears and BB telling him why he can't look at the box, "It's not fair". I hear that phrase more times a day than I care to think about, that, and, "Why does HE get (to) ____ and I don't!". And, heaven help us if one of them gets praised for being good! The other two don their party hats and start with the, "Am I not a good boy?!", "Why am I not a good boy?!".

I am an only child, so this whole sibling rival thing boggles my mind. They have built in friends, why are they always fighting (I know why, but that would have been my thoughts as a child)? I just don't get why if one of your siblings is bothering you, why stay??? Walk away, run if you have to, but just seperate yourself from the situation! That is a HARD concept though. My cubs just do not get it. Why walk away when you can turn and inflict pain on the other guy!

I keep asking Dh what we're going to do when they are older and we can't peel them off of each other. They get pretty vicious now, I can't imagine what it will be like when they have some weight behind them!

I just keep conforting myself with the thought that it is normal for siblings to fight and they will probably be closer for it.

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