Thursday, March 19, 2009

Free to a good home...

2 adorable kittens and a friendly pooch.

Ok, not really, but it is tempting! The dog is really a good girl, but it is spring and she is shedding like nobody's business. She seems to particularly like to rub up against the couch and roll around on the rug...LOVELY! LB was playing by the couch this morning. He suddenly got a disgusted look on his face and shouted, "EWWW!!! Dere's hair all ober the couch!". Well, I'm certainly not blind and I was in the middle of unwinding the vaccum cord at that exact moment. I informed him that it was the dog's hair, that I did not put it there and I was working on getting rid of it. That seemed to be a good enough answer.

This morning LB decided that he wants a squirrel for a pet. He saw one on the playground as we were dropping the older cubs off at school. I was really getting into him being excited about seeing the squirrel (spring is coming!), UNTIL he mentioned the whole pet thing. He tells whenever the dog or cats do something bad that we should "put them back"...yeah, I'm sure there is a momma dog and momma cat out there that might veto that. So, he wanted to "put the dog and kitties back and get a squirrel". I tried to explain to him the mess that a squirrel would make in our house, but in reality it wouldn't be much worse than the kitties.

Ahh, the kitties. We got these two this summer. They were the cutest little furballs at the petstore (I know, I know, never buy an animal from a pet store). They are brothers (the cubs think that is the neatest thing) and part siamese. One of the kittens has an obesession with dumping any liquid that he finds sitting anywhere in a cup (and when I say anywhere, I mean ANYWHERE, I had a glass of water that I sat on top of the fridge that he dumped). Very annoying! The other one likes to shred toilet paper rolls....always nice to use toilet paper with holes in it! They both run through the house at night. It sounds like a herd of elephants but faster and with louder thuds. One of them likes to try and open the cupboards but can't get them open enough to get in, so there is a constant thud, thud, thud of the cupboard door slamming shut. It's no wonder we are all so tired around here!

They say that people who have pets generally live longer and are happier.....

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