Tuesday, March 17, 2009

checkbook balancing, conferences and phone dilemmas

I am failing miserably at checkbook balancing 101 (I am excelling at check WRITING 101, though ;) ). Some how I found an extra $182.31 in our checking account. I have tried several different ways to balance my checkbook and it all turns out the same. Not that I'm complaining about the idea of having extra money, but just can't imagine how I keep screwing up like this. Every month I'm off over $100 one way or the other (its never the same amount either). Bah! Anyway, I'll just make a note of it and look back at it next month when our statement comes (I've wasted enough time and energy on this already).

Parent Teacher conferences went well last night. We heard from both teachers that the boys are nice little guys and they like having them in their classes (I'm pretty sure they even meant it!).

Papa got things smoothed out with our phones and all in well there (I know you were on the edge of your seat, waiting to hear the end of that story!). He spent quite a while on the phone trying different things only to be hung up on when they tried to "transfer" him to the tech support. He finally got ahold of tech support , they instructed him to take the battery out and VIOLA! it worked.

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