Monday, March 23, 2009

It's raining it's pouring!

Spring has sprung! It is misty and cool today, but I like it. I like rain, not so much the dreary days like today, but I like the rain. A day like today is a nice change after months and months of snow, but days like this make me mopy when they come in the middle of summer. The weather people are talking flooding. I'm not looking forward to that. It makes going anywhere a pain and Papa's way to work could be rerouted, turning it from a 1 mile drive to a 15-20 mile drive.

I'm also not liking the wet so much. Make sense, I like the rain but not the wet, right? I like to watch rain, not walk in it or have my kids or dog out in it. Our backyard has become what we like to call "poop soup" it is all of the dog's messes from alllll winter and water and mud. It is a mess.

All of this wet weather prompted me to start looking for the boy's rain boots from last year. I found MB's boots from last year, which are now LB's boots. I also found BB's boots from last year and decided to pass them on to MB and find a new pair for BB. BB did not exactly like this idea. He couldn't understand why MB got to wear HIS boots and he had NONE! They were HIS BOOTS! They still fit, even (and he proceeded to show me that they still fit). I explained to him that if we get him a NEW pair (new here, people, since when is NEW bad?!) then when he outgrows them his brothers can use them. So, I called Grandma and Grandpa Grizzly to see if they could keep an eye out for some boots in his size and send them our way. G&G, being the great grandparents that they are, went to several stores in search of BB's new boots. They called several others and, apparently, rain boots in a size 2y are a hot item! So, I decided to hit the net. I searched several sites and couldn't believe how hard it is to find a pair of boys rain boots that don't have duckies, frogs or trucks for less than $50! I finally settled on a pair from a site that I had a $20 coupon for. I had to explain to Papa that $30 (price AFTER coupon) wasn't bad split between 3 boys, not a bargain, but not terrible. He growled a bit, but then agreed.

I caught the dog chewing on a marble this morning. No idea how she got it OR how she bit a chunk off of it. I guess when we say that she will eat anything, she WILL eat ANYTHING.

OH! I almost forgot the little surprise I had yesterday. BB likes to call his friends on the phone. I don't mind that he does, but it gets a little old that every time he calls someone he asks repeatedly if they can come over. We do let him have friends over, but I like to schedule them for days when Papa is home to help keep the younger two cubs out of BB and his friend's hair. Anyway, BB called his friend saturday afternoon. I didn't think much of it, he had his usual session of begging for his friend to come over, I had my usual answer of "not today". All was fine...I thought. Then yesterday morning I rolled out of bed at 9:30 (still adjusting to time change!). I got the boys some cereal, threw some laundry in the wash, folded 2 baskets of laundry and made beds. As I was making BB's bed he asked if the friend he called the night before could come over. I gave him my , "not today" and went on about my business. I was in the kitchen cleaning up after breakfast when I happened to look out the window and spot BB's friend's parent's truck. They were dropping friend off to play! Did I mention that I was still in my jammies? I ran to the bedroom while yelling to BB that he was in SO MUCH trouble! His door was closed, so when I whipped it open to tell him to hurry up and get dressed that his friend was here, he was a little shocked. I let friend stay because he is a good kid and they played pretty good together (except LB had a couple of episodes over the wii), but BB knew he was in trouble. He is grounded from the phone (haven't set a limit on that one yet) and the wii (for 2 days). His eyes were HUGE when I opened his door to tell him his friend was here, he knew he screwed up! Papa thought it was pretty funny, I wasn't impressed at first, but was able to find the humor in it later on. Thankfully the poor child didn't catch me in my jammies though.

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