Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Can't a girl get a nap?

This rainy weather combined with the fact that I have not adjusted to this time change is killing me! I woke up this morning thinking that I had no business doing so. I was EXHAUSTED. But, cubbies must get to school, so I gathered every ounce of energy I had and peeled myself out of bed. I am proud to announce that the cubs were safely delivered to school!

When we got back home I conned LB into watchin some cartoons while I rested my eyes (don't call cps, he is really good about staying where he should and I am a light sleeper). Suddenly I woke up to the doorbell ringing. I hopped out of bed as fast as a tired mama can. I peered out the window when I got to the door and didn't see anyone, I opened the door to find one of our kitties sitting on the step looking at me (he got out when we got home and I just didn't have the energy to chase after him). I'm guessing he was trying to climb the door and hit the doorbell..figures!

Yesterday I was rudely woken by a "TOLL FREE CALL". I'm guessing it is someone who wants to talk to Papa and try and get him to either transfer a cc balance, sign up for some cc protection plan or some other crap like that. I am so tired of these people calling! They call here several times a day and, on the off chance that I do answer, they don't want to talk to me anyway. Why are they even calling us, we don't carry cc balances. They won't be getting any transfer fees or interest off of us, we are no good to them!

I am tired and grumpy today, I need to turn off Family guy tonight and just go to sleep!

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