Monday, March 30, 2009

Out on the town

Papa and I decided that we needed to get some groceries in this house before the water got too high and we're stuck here starving (and we wanted to ensure the easter bunny would be making an appearance). Talk about a spur of the moment decision, we were on our way to take the BB and MB to school, pulling up to the drop off point and then pulling away. We hated to take them out of school for something like that, but it is 100 miles to Grand Forks and I hate gambling on being back before they get out of school (I am not a gambling woman and I know my shopping habits!) AND the water is definately a comin'. The boys got to spend the day with G&G and go to McDonalds (what else is there in life?!). I got to go to Target, I love Target and Target loves me (and my checkbook). We got Papa some yogurt (a girl's gotta have an angle!), he loves the Archer Farms yogurt (no HFCS!-it was NOT an easy task finding some that didn't have it). I found my pledge hair thingy for fabrics (love it!!) and the cubs found some star wars legos that they HAD to have (I must subconsciously enjoy stepping on them because I keep buying them). LB is so funny with legos, we buy him a set and the only part he plays with are the guys, but he carries them around for hours just loves them, so its worth it. We also bought some school snacks (BB loves the 100 calorie packs that he can just throw in his backpack). Papa and I returned later to do a little easter shopping and get some cat food for the kitties (I got my hands on some of the $5 Iams coupons-5 bags for $15-SCORE!).

We also stopped at Walmart. I like walmart but ours is always packed, the only time we've found it not packed is at 6am or 11pm (not ideal shopping hours, but I am willing to do it when possible to avoid the crowds!). We did our grocery shopping and snagged a few more bunny items (I love easter, love the true meaning, love the kiddie parts of it too, I just love it!).

We went to Sears and picked up the cub's pics. They turned out GREAT (not a huge suprise, my boys are cute ;)). We were wandering around looking at tools and refrigerators (found the one we want when it comes time to replace ours-it was GORGEOUS!). The we happened upon the bedding section. I forgot to mention that in the time we drove over to the school (3ish blocks) and back, Rotten dog decided to shred our comforter! So, thats a pillow and a comforter in just a couple of weeks! I told Papa that me must have really done something to upset RD because it was his pillow and his side of the comforter. Soo, we were at Sears and decided to look at their bedding. We want to get a new bed in the nearish future (we're hoping to upgrade to a king size bed!) so we didn't want to break the bank on this comforter. We found several nice ones, but as is usually the case, there weren't any in queen size! BUT, I spotted a sign advertising a pillow sale! YIPPEE! It was B1G1 so Papa could replace his pillow and I could continue my journey to find the perfect pillow. We found some that were specially designed for back sleepers (papa) and side sleepers (me). Papa disliked his the moment he laid his head on it. I liked first. I have had a sore neck every morning since I got it...back to the drawing board. At least they were free (we had a credit on our credit card).

Papa and I went to Petco to try and find a crate for RD. She cannot be trusted. The pillow was a little funny (a little), but she is pressing her luck! We didn't have a whole lot of room in the car anymore and they were quite a bit more than we were planning on spending. So, for the time being she has to stay outside while I do the school running and we will get her something for next winter.

G&G took us out to eat at Perkins! Yummy! This is fine dinning to us. We don't do sit down restaurants often with the cubs. Although, I have to give the cubs credit, they were very good. Papa and I actually got to enjoy our meals! It was a nice meal.

G&G also gave Papa and I their dresser. It is a beautiful old (I say old cuz it is almost as old as I am!) real wood (no cardboard here!) dresser with a big mirror. And it weighs as much as 3-4 elephants right after they eat lunch! UGH! Papa and I had to lug it out of G&G's house and into ours (at 10:30 at night). But, we did it and it is nice to have more space for clothing. We moved our old dresser in to the boy's room for BB and MB to share. Papa and I have plans for all new furniture for the house, but we are waiting a bit longer for the boys to grow up a little bit more (they really take a toll on things). We are very appreciative of G&G's hand me downs in the meantime.

All in all, we had a great time out. It was nice for Papa and I to have some time alone together (even if it was while shopping).

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