Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just another day

I tried a new recipe today. Maple Dijon chicken is definately a keeper! I hope this woman doesn't mind me linking to her blog (which I LOVE). She is AWESOME!! I love my crockpot and am tickled to have found her blog!

Little Brother "broked" his leg last night (not really, but in his mind it was BAD). Judging by the noise that was coming from their room, I'm surprised any of them came out alive, but he really wasn't broken. He then told me that his "broked" leg was going to make him "died". He was so concerned about his impending "died" that he forgot about it 2 seconds later when Papa walked through the door.

Middle Brother came home today and shared his newest wisdom with the family. A little friend of his decided to teach him about flipping the bird. NIIIIICE! Apparently she told him to do it at school (she didn't enlighten him to its meaning though). Thankfully, Papa and I had a talk with them just last week about being gullible (kids promising to pay them $1 for their snacks and other such scams). So Middle Brother was smart enough not to, but he was curious as to what it meant. That was a fun discussion. They just learn those things so early. I don't think I'm ready for this yet!!

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