Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rain, Rain GO AWAY!!

Ugh! Day 2 of gloom! It is officially spring, where is the sunshine and birds?! The saying is "April showers bring May flowers"..... I'm beginning to believe that these old sayings just do not apply here!

MB has decided he wants his ear pierced. He saw a boy in high school who has his pierced and now thinks its the coolest thing. We told him that we would revisit the issue when he's in high school. He then asked how many more days until then! Then he decided that if he couldn't have his ear pierced that getting a tattoo would suffice..... Yep, he's going to be our rebel.

LB is not taking to his de-spoiling very well. He lays on the floor and thrashes around kicking and screaming if he doesn't get his way. He cries and cries and cries. Then he gets all insulted and try to play the guilt game by telling me that I don't love him any more. I've even had to give a few spankings (its a last resort, but it has gotten there lately). BUT, he's coming along. Hopefully he will learn that he isn't "the boss".

BB is rocking his accelerated reading. He almost has enough points for honor roll! We promised him that if he makes the honor roll we will buy him a Wii or DS game (a guy has to have some motivation sometimes!).

I have been trying to prepare for our garage sale. I think we have a date set (finally!) and I think I am almost done sorting the boy's clothes! I hadn't saved much until I got to the baby sizes and started remembering them in certain outfits (awww) and I just couldn't do it, so I have almost a whole tote of baby clothes. I've been making mental lists of things that I have sitting in nooks and crannies in the house that I want to get rid of. Reminds me of how many things I think that I just HAVE to have and then never use! I should just keep the money in my pocket!

Speaking of money! I got a bill from my dentist about 2 weeks ago. Most medical bills come with an area to fill in credit card info, but this one didn't so I just wrote our flex spending card info on there. I get the bill AGAIN last week with a note saying, "Sorry, we don't accept credit or debit cards".....seriously?! This day in age?! I know we live in the back woods, but credit cards are not a new fangled invention for pete's sake! Thankfully it was only $76 (after ins) so nothing to cry about, but still, why are we socking money into the fsa that we can't use?! Ok, vent over!

Oh and in exciting news....BB and MB FINALLY learned how to tie shoes last night. Yep, both of them within 15 mins of trying! We've been working on this for years! MB got it first which frustrated the hell out of BB, who tried to throw a tantrum (he likes when things come easily to him), but finally bucked up and did it! That means we can branch out in our school shoe purchases!!! We usually get them skechers, but BB always seems to trash his shoes sooo fast! They end up frayed with holes in them! Like this year, MB was begging for those cop light up ones (I had no clue what on earth he was talking about at first!), we finally found them and got them. BB got some tie ones that had to be returned (we thought it would encourage him to learn to tie shoes...not so much) so he decided he wanted the tank ones like MB's. They've both had them since the beginning of the year, MB's lights fell off, but otherwise they look fine, BB's are hashed! There are holes on either side of the toe box on both shoes (I just noticed this, he will be getting new ones)!!!

Well, I better get to cleaning while LB is occupied with lego star wars on the wii!

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