Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm trying to post more!

I'm trying to be better about posting on here, its not working.

Well, Papa broke my cat! He dropped a 50lb weight on Gizmo's back foot. It was an accident and Papa feels AWFUL, but Gizzy will live. He doesn't seem to be in too much pain. He isn't putting weight on it, but he isn't yowling either.

We had a toilet overflow this morning (well not overflow, but it was THIS close to over flowing). I questioned the boys, who denied putting anything aside for toilet paper in it. Turns out MB is just using too much toilet paper (I can't imagine where on earth he gets that habit). Good thing Papa decided to go in to work late so he could plunge the toilet for me!

The weather has been nice lately! The boys were outside TONS this weekend. Yesterday Papa and I were in the house when we heard this rumbling on the roof (to be honest my first thoughts were the boys had gotten on the roof). After investigating we discovered that the boys were throwing balls onto the roof and watching them roll down. Not too bad of a game EXCEPT that occassionally they would miss and hit the windows. Papa told them to go roll the balls off the roof of the shed in the back yard. A seemingly harmless activity, right? WRONG!!! Awhile later MB comes in and tells Papa that BB and LB are stuck on the roof of the shed! Do I know my kids, or what?! Turns out they found the ladder (which Papa had put on top of the clothes line, btw) and MB convinced the other two that we said they could do it.....yeah, BB got a lecture about listening to MB when he says that we say he can do something that we would never approve of. MB is naturally very inquizitive.....a good thing, but not always fun to deal with in a child! He also has a strong personality (again, where does he get that?!). Add that all to the fact that he's 6 and going through that "not always so truthful" stage, I'm surprised I'm not bald!

I have had an epiphany reguarding my baby (LB). He might, just might, be the teeniest bit spoiled. His brothers definately think this is true. I think Papa and G&G tend to agree. He is my little cuddle bug and I think he knows that if he cuddles up to me he'll get what he wants. He was beating BB with a plastic bat and got 2 spankings (he wouldn't stop!). He was DEVISTATED that I spanked him (don't judge me for spanking! I gave him warnings and tried to remove him from the situation, it just didn't work). I cuddled with him and told him that he needed to be a nice boy, but he also needs to learn that Mommy means business. His brothers hurt him and he comes crying, so they get in trouble, but I think he might be instigating some of it (DUH, right?). I've always made excuses for him because he's little, but he's going to be 4 in July and staring school in Sept, so we need to nip this in the bud.

Oh! That Skechers ad <------reminded me of my new shoes. I got a pair of those d'lites, they are soo cute! They have glitter and rhinestones on them! And they're sooo comfy! LOVE THEM!!

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