Thursday, April 23, 2009

Its been awhile!

Wow, I can't believe that I haven't posted on here since the 9th.....thats 2 weeks!

Not much has happened in the last couple weeks. We had a nice Easter. G&G came up and spent the day with us and we had a nice dinner together. The boys and I dyed eggs and we did an egg hunt (Grandma brought change for the eggs so it wasn't all candy). The boys were pretty impressed with the goodies from the bunny.

We ordered parts for our dryer, but as usual, Papa didn't listen to me and measure first so we ended up with the wrong size parts! Papa decided that we weren't going to bother with fixing it and announced we were going to get a new dryer!! We ended up getting a new set! FRONT LOADERS!! Whoo hoo!! They are so nice!

We went to Grand Forks last weekend. We stayed with my Parents and got to see my Aunts and Grandma for a bit, which was nice I haven't seen them in years. The boys got to play at Burger King with my cousin's kids, they loved it.

I got myself a shark steam mop. I like it! It works pretty good and dries fast. The only down side is that our linoleum has groves in it and the dirt and mud stick in there and nothing but a good hand and knee scrubbing can get that up (and I am not about to do that at this point in time, I'd be doing it several times a day to keep up).

Papa's route to work did end up getting flooded, so he had to take the backwoods way to work. Luckily, he only had to go that way one day and then yesterday it was passable. Seems like the water is moving out of our area and on up to Canada.

Well, now I'm caught up for the last 2 weeks. My life really is uneventful....not always a bad thing though.

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