Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter is coming!

Yay!! I love easter! The boys are pretty excited too ;). The bunny has all of his goodies ready (he has them stored in our closet).

The boys got out their bibles yesterday to find the story of easter. They came over to me sooo excited because they had found it. MB said, "See Mom!, it says right here "EASTER"!!". I looked over and he was pointing to. They had found the book of "Esther". I think they did pretty good for a 7 and 6yo. I helped them find the story and we talked about it for a few minutes (it was homework for kid's club).

We are all a bit disappointed because we won't be going to G&G's house for easter. Papa ended up having to work! We are going down next weekend though with a bonus! We get to see Great Gma! The boys enjoy seeing her (we don't get to all that often).

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