Friday, April 3, 2009

One of THOSE days

You know, those days. The kind where you drop everything you pick up and everything just goes a little wrong (not catastrophically, but a little). I'm having one of those.

It all started this morning at 6:00 when I woke up to stare at the clock. I normally get up at 6:20 (don't ask), it takes me forever to fall back to sleep so I just figured I would lay there wake up slowly. After listening to rotten dog SNORE for 17 minutes, I got up. I went in to take a shower and remembered there were no clean washcloths-NONE! The boys and I shower every school morning, its a must. Soo, I dug through the cupboard and found a baby washcloth for myself and two flimsy hand towels for BB and MB (LB would have to wait!).

After my shower with the teeny washcloth, I went to get dressed when it hit me that if there were no clean washclothes the odds were against me having clean underwear! Yep, no clean washcloths, no clean underwear and then I realized.....NO CLEAN PANTS! Ok, they were clean, but our dryer is on the fritz and I overloaded it (with a half dry load and a wet, wet load... I know, I know), so we had pants and shirts in the dryer and undies and their pals in the washer!! So, I threw a shirt on and got the boys in and out of the shower and then scurried down to the laundry room to put pants on and start another load of laundry. I was a minor snafu in the scheme of things, but VERY day damaging!

I felt like a ringmaster trying to get the boys out the door for school this morning. MB's boots were wet (keep finding the deepest puddle then!), BB's gloves were wet (again with the water!) and LB was having a meltdown about something or other (ugh, no explanation, he's 3). We got to the school when BB comes to the realization that today is friday and we didn't practice his spelling words-OOPS (turned out not to be a bad thing, he got 100%)!!

Papa and I got in a disagreement (I like that word better than "fight" because we didn't actually have any physical contact (don't worry there, folks, we never do!) this morning, so before it turned ugly we decided to go to our own corners, him to the basement to lift weights and me to the mess that was my kitchen to begin cleaning. He commented on the dog hair on the couch, got the stank eye and retreated back to the basement to finish his workout.

After cleaning up a bit, I sat down to watch some Golden Girls (I love me some GGs!!) and calmed down a bit. The rest of the day went well and we even ordered out so I didn't have to cook (SCORE!)!

The sad note of the day is that we might be saying farewell to our dryer (its been a good old friend), but its 15ish years old (It was a leave behind from G&G!) and things like this happen when dryers get to a certain age. We ordered some parts for it and Papa will give it his all but, sadly, Papa is not a real great repair man (he has many wonderful traits, but repairing isn't one of them). I'm hoping for the best but expecting the worst (by next week I might be down there shocking it with the paddles-especially if I have no undies again).

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