Thursday, May 28, 2009

Its been awhile!

Oh wow! I have totally been neglecting this (better this than the boys though!).

Lets see....what interesting things do I have to share with the world...

School is out for summer! It is nice not to be running around like a dog chasing its tail, but having all 3 kiddos home all day is definately taking some readjusting.

We've rented some really cute movies. "Bedtime stories" with Adam Sandler is cute and funny (his movies usually are) and "Hotel for dogs" is heartwarming. Both really excellent movies for the family.

I had a horrible time trying to sleep last night. I kept thinking about my paypal bill. Papa bought some cards from ebay, I had a $10 credit on my card so we used it to pay for the cards. This all resulted in a $7.12 bill. I kept meaning to mail it, but life has been a little crazy lately and I forgot. I was going to have Papa mail it last night, but remember that stamps had gone up (AGAIN?!) and I needed to put a .01 stamp on it. So, last night I was worrying about this stupid $7.12 bill being late (now, anyone who has a cc knows there is a simple solution to this-especially with a paypal card, but that didn't occur to me until 2am-ish). I won't get a nap in today either and I have to drive for 2 hours! Oh, and my bill is paid ;).

We are going to forks for the big "everything goes" sale in the Alerus center. We've finally decided it is time to part with some of the boy's old clothes. I've sorted through 11 totes. I've washed, folded and priced 7 totes worth of clothes, tossed 2 big garbage bags full of stained and holely clothes and kept only 3 totes of clothes (yay!). We are also going to try and sell our baby swing, pack 'n play and high chair. I hope we can sell alot of it, but if not the ad says that you can leave whatever you have left there and they will take care of it!! So, reguardless, it will all be gone!! Selling the boy's baby clothes is bitter sweet. I would love to have another baby, but it is nice that we are moving on to different stages and new and exciting things.

Now for the bad news....I discovered this morning that my curling iron is dying :(. I can hardly keep it together!! I love this iron. My mom gave it to me and I love it (even though its only been with me for a year, it grew on my quickly). It is the most awesome iron I've EVER had. It has turbo heat, which heats it up fully in a couple of minutes! I just don't know if I can ever replace it....waaaaah!

Well, I think I've caught up for the last 3 (?) weeks? Man, my life is sooo interesting....

Now, I'm off to buy some .01 stamps and mail some bills!!

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