Tuesday, May 5, 2009

BB's birthday is coming up. He's going to be 8! I can hardly believe it!! My baby is going to be 8 *snif*.

We're going shopping tomorrow. Since the BB and MB learned how to tie shoes they both insist that they need new shoes, plus they want to wear flip flops for their spring concert, plus I want to get them new shirts for thier concert, PLUS LB needs socks....its expensive having kids!

I've got everything packed except for a pair of pajamas for BB. He wore them last night, but asked that I had them washed and packed so he could wear them again tonight.....I better get something good for mother's day! I should be sweeping and vacuuming and soon the laundry will be ready to fold, but I'm sitting her blogging (trying to find something good enough to put on here...don't think I've done that yet).

The boys are all getting excited for school to be over. BB and MB are excited for a break and LB is excited to have his brother's home to play with. I'm a little concerned for my sanity, but we'll make it through ;).

Well, I suppose, my floor isn't sweeping itself. Its whole house day today (every other day I sweep the bedrooms and play room and the other days it is just the living room, kitchen and bathroom) so that means the swiffer is going to get a ride around the house (I love those swiffer dry pads! They get the hair up like nobody's business!).

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